About Us


The reBORN Experience was created to help humanity in awakening to their own brilliance and power. Being aware of your own yourself makes you compassionate and free.

Knowing and freeing your self is a fully rewarding and challenging process, which might take a lifetime. It gives you purpose, direction and a true sense of well-being.
We are committed to our mission and will guide you through a journey of self - discovery and personalized transformation process.


The reBORN Experience brings you the combined power of two different guiding energies.
Diana and Keidi, mother and daughter, through interweaving their common genetics codes, they embrace two different personalities and human designs.

Imagine 2 different energies nurturing and supporting you. You can choose whom to work with or leverage their combined powerhouse of wisdom and practices and customize it to your personality and life needs.

Imagine 2 powerful coaches, doctors of the mind, body and soul, working for you.

They know and feel, the nurturing feminine, grounded and down - to - earth energy as well as the professional, structured but soft and fluid, confident, strategic - oriented personality.

They know how 2 different personalities and outlooks can live peacefully & harmoniously. They know and live the challenges of a mother and daughter relationship and will support you with authentic and proven tools to help you with any issues in this area.

‚ÄčThe transformative power of Human Design - infused coaching along with the innovative customized - to- your - needs sessions is our proven recipe to bring you to a higher level of living and performance.

You will know how you are energetically designed and how to use subtle energy tools and neuroscience formulas to align and become more vibrant and emotionally balanced.


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